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28 January 2022


Our dedication to inclusive travel for all never wains!

Meet our wonderful traveller, Simone. Simone loves the theatre and for some time had her sights set on attending the Trusted Travel holiday to Melbourne to see the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child stage show.

Booked in to attend in early 2021, Simone along with the rest of the group, had her hopes dampened when the holiday was cancelled due to COVID-19. The borders were closed and the show was put on hold. With strong optimism that the situation would improve by the end of the year, the Trusted Travel trip was rescheduled to December.

But the bumpy road was not over yet for Simone. Due to the lack of travel occurring, all airlines had their Airbus A380s grounded and only Boeing 747s were being used. This was not good news; Simone’s chair was too big for the storage requirements in the 747s. Simone could not fly to Melbourne!

Unwilling to have Simone’s hopes dashed again, the Trusted Travel Consultants got their thinking caps on and discovered the XPT ran from Yass to Southern Cross Station in Melbourne. Being from Canberra, Simone could get herself to Yass! Trusted Travel’s amazing and dedicated travel guide Ida then had a car arranged, drove to Yass from Wollongong to meet Simone and they both boarded the XPT bound for Melbourne!

Simone had an incredible time and enjoyed every moment of the show and her holiday in Melbourne. Everyone was over the moon that this was made a possibility for Simone.

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