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21 July 2022


The Gold Coast has long been a draw for those seeking thrills and excitement. This strip of skyscrapers and suburbia along the coast in South East Queensland is Australia's undoubted epicentre for domestic tourism.

All this leads to the Gold Coast being Australia's theme park capital. So please keep your hands and feet inside the ride for this special edition of our Thrill Seeker's Guides as we look at the top three rollercoasters on The Coast.


The Top 3

3. The Leviathan, Sea World

Ok, we cheated a little bit here (that's why our photo is an artist's impression)  The Leviathan doesn't actually open until September 2022 but the specs on this thing are wild. Its track length of one‐kilometre, top speed of 80km and height of 32m will make the Leviathan the biggest and best wooden roller‐coaster in the Southern Hemisphere by every reasonable measurement.

Wooden roller‐coasters bring a special kind of thrill. Of course, they are perfectly safe but the rattle of the tracks and scaffolding as you thunder along is designed to test the rider's sense of security.


2. Steel Taipan, Dreamworld

Dreamworld has a long history of electromagnet propelled thrill rides. It was here in 1997 that the Tower of Terror became the first ride in the world to break the 100mph (160km/h) barrier. These days Dreamworld's undisputed queen of thrills is the Steel Taipan, a triple launched twisted mess of whirls, burls, loops and inversions. Riders experience 3.8g forces and hit a top speed of a cool 105km/h; relatively mild stuff compared to the now removed Tower of Terror!


1. D.C. Rivals Hypercoaster, Warner Bros. Movie World

Australia's best rollercoaster ‐ full stop. Movie World has a long history of providing Australia's premier thrill rides. Long time rollercoaster

buffs will remember the fanfare in 1995 when Lethal Weapon, a chain lift, inverted steel coaster was opened. At the time it was considered the best ride in the country!

But Movie World does as Movie World does. They continually break their own records for fastest, tallest, steepest rollercoaster in the Southern Hemisphere. A number of active rides now dwarf the carcass of the recently closed Lethal Weapon. Superman Escape was indeed considered the nation's premier ride for over a decade.

These days the DC Rivals Hypercoaster stands tall; a colossus rising above them all. 115km/h. 1400m of track. 4.3g forces. This is one for every rollercoaster enthusiast's bucket list.


Trusted Travel hits up the Gold Coast theme parks including Sea World and Movie multiple times every year. We will be there next in September for our Gold Coast Explorer Plus Holiday. Click HERE to view the full itinerary.

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