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Do you have a question about our supported holidays? Check out our FAQ's below.

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What holidays do Trusted Travel offer?

Visit our holidays section. Here you will see all available and sold out group supported holidays on offer. Click on the holiday you are interested in for an itinerary, photos of recent trips and costings. You can also complete the booking form by clicking Book Now button, or make an enquiry by clicking the Contact Us button.

The holidays on the Trusted Travel website are to destinations I don't want to go to. Can I go elsewhere?

Supported group holidays are a great way to meet new friends and achieve your travel goals. If you are looking at visiting some place that isn't listed in our holidays section, you can contact one of our Trusted Travel Consultants. We may be planning a trip to your desired destination soon! We value feedback on all destinations and can look to plan a holiday around your needs.

How much does a Trusted Travel holiday cost?

There are many variables when it comes to costs associated with a supported group holiday. Level of daily support required, night time supports, activities, transport options, meals and accommodation options are just some of the items that make price variable. Also whether you use your NDIS plan for part of your holiday supports, or whether you pay for your holiday in full can vary the amount payable by you. Trusted Travel ensures our packages are fully inclusive, meaning all main costs (including transport from an identified departure point and all main meals) are included. You may want to budget a small amount of spending money for snacks, extra drinks outside of meal times and souvenirs to help you remember your trip.

Who supports me whilst I'm away?

Trusted Travel is a service of The Disability Trust. With over 40 years experience in disability services, we have a number of highly trained and experienced staff ready to assist you with every need whilst you are away. Our staff are well traveled, and ready to show you the many sites and activities on location. If you have a specific need and are unsure of whether our staff can assist, feel free to contact a Trusted Travel Consultant to discuss.

What support levels are catered for?

Support is tailored to your individual need. Our booking form highlights key questions linking to supports required to help indicate what level of support would best suit you whilst on your holiday.

How do I book a holiday with Trusted Travel?

Visit our holidays section. Here you will see all available and sold out group supported holidays on offer. Click on the holiday you are interested in for an itinerary, photos of recent trips and costings. When you are ready to book, complete the booking form by clicking the Book Now button. One of our Trusted Travel Consultants will be in touch with you shortly after to discuss further and confirm your booking.

I've filled in the booking form, does this mean my holiday is confirmed?

By completing the booking form, as per our Terms and Conditions, Trusted Travel accepts that you have requested to book on the chosen holiday you have completed the form for. After confirming your support needs and our capacity to assist you, you will receive a Confirmation Letter indicating your place on the holiday has been accepted, also an invoice for payment of the costs associated with your holiday - until this is received and payment has been made, your holiday is not confirmed.

The holiday I have chosen says it's SOLD OUT, what can I do?

While it's a shame all spots have been booked on the holiday you wish to participate in, still contact us to let us know you are interested. We can put you on a wait-list for any cancellations, and let you know if any similar holidays are in planning or coming up.

Is Trusted Travel a registered NDIS provider?

As a service of The Disability Trust, Trusted Travel is a registered NDIS provider.

Do I need to be registered with the NDIS to book a Trusted Travel holiday?

No - just remember if you have a NDIS plan and use your plan for part of your holiday supports, or whether you pay for your holiday in full, it can vary the amount payable by you.
Can I use my NDIS Plan to fund my holiday?

You can use your NDIS plan to fund the supports you receive on your holiday. How this is done depends on the level of support required whilst on holiday.

What NDIS support items are used to fund my holiday?If you choose to book with Trusted Travel and use your NDIS plan, this will be discussed with you depending on the level of support you require. Generally, holidays supports are from a NDIS participants Core Supports budget.

Do I need relevant goals in my NDIS plan?

Yes - Trusted Travel staff will ensure you are working to achieve your NDIS goals whilst on holidays, as this means the support provided in this way is reasonable and necessary. Our booking form asks for these goals to be listed.

Will I receive a Service Agreement and Schedule of Supports with Trusted Travel?

Yes - if you choose to use NDIS funds for your supports whilst on one of our supported holidays, our NDIS Team will be in touch with these documents for your approval.

Where can I get more information or see if I am eligible to sign up to the NDIS?

Visit the National Disability Insurance Scheme website to check your eligibility and for details to register.

I've booked and I'm ready to go

What do I need to pack?

With your booking confirmation you will be sent a checklist of what to bring.

Something's come up and I need to cancel? What do I do?

Let us know as soon as possible. Our Terms and Conditions (signed when booking) list the time frames associated with any cancellation fees. If you use NDIS plan, terms for this will also be listed in your service agreement. 

I need to bring my medication? How do I pack this?

Ideally, a Webster Pak is best. Otherwise original packaging is required. You will be asked to complete a Medication Form prior to departure also that lists the medication you take. Unfortunately we are unable to administer injections of any kind.

Do I need a Passport or some form of ID?For domestic supported holidays, it is best to have one form of government issued ID with you on your trip. Your confirmation letter will explain any specific requirements e.g. Cruise or Flight carriers may have specific requirements for check in procedures. If you are traveling internationally, you are responsible for a passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of the trip.I'm traveling internationally. What do I need to consider?If the holiday is international, you are responsible for any visas, immigration, quarantine, customs requests or requirements for the countries visited or transited. You are responsible for a passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of the trip.

Is travel insurance included with my supported holiday?

Travel Insurance isn't included with our supported holiday packages, however Trusted Travel recommends all participants take out a relevant level of insurance cover for their holiday. We can point you in the right direction to find an appropriate provider for your travel insurance needs, however Trusted Travel does not accept responsibility for contacting the provider regarding level of cover or sign up, assisting with claims, costs associated with purchasing travel insurance or any other support you require to liaise with your insurance provider.

While away I needed extra support to meet my needs? Am I liable for these costs?

Trusted Travel will endeavour to provide the level of support as requested by you. We use the booking form to determine your support needs, and provide staffing support according to this and what is quoted at the time of the holiday enquiry. We ask that travelers be honest in the information provided when booking so to determine the correct level of support required, in particular health and personal care needs, behaviours of concern, and night time/overnight routines. Any extra support required whilst away on holidays may be billed to the participant at the relevant support rate from the most recent NDIS Price Guide.

Where do we leave from?

All holidays list the departure point on our website. We understand that not everyone lives near the departure location. If you need assistance getting to and from the meeting point, please contact our friendly travel consultants. They will happily help you to find and arrange a way from A to B.



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