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I do hereby agree that The Disability Trust will make a service booking for the amount of funds required for the holiday requested. I will be forwarded a Service Agreement and Schedule of Supports as relevant to the holiday selected.

Terms and Conditions

Trusted Travel Terms and Conditions

Booking and Paying the Balance of your Holiday

Booking process: Complete the Trusted Travel Booking Form noting the group trip you wish to attend. If you’ve requested an individualised holiday, you will be sent a quote/itinerary for your chosen holiday and asked to approve this in writing before any bookings will commence. Once approved in writing, you will be sent an invoice for your non-NDIS claimable expenses (or the cost of the holiday if you are not using NDIS plan). If you choose to Self-Manage your NDIS Plan, you will receive two invoices (NDIS Claimable and non-NDIS claimable items). Bookings are not complete until the invoice for non-NDIS costs are paid. This must be paid no later than 30 days prior to departure, or by negotiation with Trusted Travel if booking is made within this timeframe.

For any holiday using your NDIS plan, bookings will also not be made until a Service Agreement and Schedule of Supports are signed with Trusted Travel (The Disability Trust) for your NDIS supports. By completing the Consent section of our booking form, you agree to the terms and conditions of these documents.

Payment methods and terms

The Disability Trust will use the information you supply in the Trusted Travel booking form to create a debtor ID. The Disability Trust accepts the following payment methods: BPAY, EFT. Cheque, money order, credit card, cash and direct debit. All invoices are payable 14 days from the invoice date. Please contact the accounts department on 02 4255 8000 or email for invoice or statement enquiries.

As part of agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to have understood the application process for a credit account to be opened with The Disability Trust. You also confirm that the information provided in the Trusted Travel Booking Form is true and correct.

  1. You understand that if there is any default by the Participant and/or Organisation in making payment to The Disability Trust, the information collected in this Agreement together with the information as to the amounts claimed by The Disability Trust to be owing and any related information may be accessed by The Disability Trust and their employees.

  2. You acknowledge that full payment of any debt must be made within the terms as set out above.

  3. You understand that the supply of goods and/or service/s to the Participant may be refused if any particulars requested by The Disability Trust are not provided by the Participant and/or Organisation or if these terms are not agreed to by the Participant and/or Organisation.

  4. You acknowledge that The Disability Trust has requested the Participant and/or Organisation to let The Disability Trust know immediately in writing of any change to the account information. The Participant and/or Organisation acknowledges having been advised by The Disability Trust that Participant and/or Organisation is entitled to access the account information from time to time and require The Disability Trust to take all reasonable steps to ensure that all such information is accurate, complete and up to date.

Cancellation of Your Holiday

Charges may be applied for late cancellation of a holiday. If you cancel, you may be liable for:

  • 30 days or more where bookings have commenced – loss of 10% deposit of non-NDIS expenses

  • 14-30 days - 50% of total cost of non-NDIS expenses

  • 0-14 days - 100% of total cost of non-NDIS expenses

  • If a 3rd party is involved in the booking, extra cancellation fees may apply according to their schedule of fees.

  • Cancelled NDIS claimable supports are subject to the terms and conditions as outlined in your NDIS Service Agreement.

Holiday Change or Tour Cancellation

Trusted Travel will endeavour to operate all tours/holidays as planned and to the itinerary advertised. At times due to circumstances out of our control, or force majeure, we may need to cancel the holiday or alter the booking. We will notify you of any changes at our earliest convenience. If alternative or suitable arrangements cannot be made, you will be entitled to a full refund or transfer to another holiday of equal or lesser value.

If you choose to withdraw your booking after 14 days of submission, you may be liable for a cancellation administration fee. This fee may be waived in extenuating circumstances at Trusted Travel’s discretion.

Frequent Flyer programmes

Trusted Travel will endeavour to use preferred suppliers by participants for all services where possible. If you’ve provided your Frequent Flyer details in the booking form, Trusted Travel cannot guarantee that the details you’ve provided will be relevant to the provider that you are flying with. This is due to conflicting airline schedules and potential increases in cost.


Please ensure that you are aware of any health requirements and precautions of the destination you are travelling. You are responsible for any vaccinations required. Please consult your doctor for any advice before travelling.

Travel Requirements

If the holiday is international, you are responsible for any visas, immigration, quarantine, customs requests or requirements for the countries visited or transited. You are responsible for a passport with at least 6 months’ validity from the date of the trip. Please ensure these requirements are met prior to booking your trip.

Trusted Travel recommends registering with prior to departure on an international holiday. Baggage - limits are provided by travel companies and they must be adhered to. Any excess must be paid by the traveller.

Travel Documents - Please review all documents carefully once received to ensure correct details. Please ensure your name matches that of your identification.

Travel Insurance - Trusted Travel recommends all participants take out relevant level of insurance cover. We can assist participants to source the right cover for them, however are not responsible for the costs associated with this cover.

Support whilst on holiday

Trusted Travel will endeavour to provide the level of support as requested by you. We use the booking form to determine your support needs, and provide staffing support according to this and what is quoted at the time of the holiday enquiry. We ask that travellers be honest in the information provided when booking so to determine the correct level of support required, in particular health and personal care needs, behaviours of concern, and night time/overnight routines. Any extra support required whilst away on holidays may be billed to the participant at the relevant support rate from the most recent NDIS Price Guide.